About Us

Tax.Taluy is designed to bring the knowledge from the desks of the IRS and the halls of Congress to its clients interpreted and tailored to their tax needs through our Constant Contact program. The basis of Constant Contact is regular, in person, collaboration with our clients; understanding their personal, business, and family needs. The duration and frequency of these meetings is determined based on the complexity of a client tax return and are optional at the client’s discretion.

All returns are prepared, and stored in the USA. We offer year round service with a tax professional staffed office that provides answers to tax questions and extensive research regarding tax issues. Our Constant Contact service invites our clients to contact us via phone for questions regarding life decisions as they relate to their tax situation. Answers readily available are provided as part of Constant Contact, and inquiries requiring technical research, IRS opinions, or IRS rulings can be performed.


  • In Person Consultations
  • Telephone Inquires
  • SMS Reminders & Alerts
  • eMail Reminders & Alerts


  • Year Round Assistance
  • Spanish Language Support
  • Secure OnLine Return Access
  • Secure Digital Media Return Copy


  • Multi-Preparer Review
  • Calculation Accuracy Guarantee
  • Prior Year Return Review
  • Tax Law & Pending Legislation Updates